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White Truffle - Wild Porcini Mushrooms - Green Tea / Lemon Twist - Beetroot / Ginger - Espresso / Lemon Twist - Rosemary & Lemon - Ceviche - Spicy Curry - Spicy Curry & Rum - Habanero Pepper - Onion - Rosemary - Spicy Curry - Szechuan - Rosemary & Garlic, More Coming...

Hot Smoked "Kippered" Salmon: 

After the brining and flavoring processt the fish gets sMoked at higher temperatures all the way through, with a texture similar to baked salmon. The result is a moist yet firm, and flaky texture,  complimented by your choice of Natural Flavors. It also has a distinct sMoki flavor

sMoki – Made With LoL

While working at a smoke house, as a Supervisor (Mashgiach) and salesman, I started tasting all the cold smoked flavors available it took me days to satisfy my cravings, and then, there it was….

Is it baked, cooked? it's sMoked, I took my first bite! of Hot sMoked Salmon… the sweet sMoki aroma, Salty after taste and Fully Cooked!!!

Soon , I realized the limit on flavors available for smoked fish, Then it clicked... 

Find New Exciting Flavors!!!

Today you taste over 3 years of trials and errors while flavor matching and sampling with many fish species and Flavors... 

Made with LoL